Water Purifier Dolphin White R.o System With 8 Liters Output

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Process of Purification

Dolphin Water Purifier (RO) a multi-step purification process that involves filtration as well as reverse osmosis. The PP filter removes the floating particulates like sand, rust and visible impurities. The 5 micron sediment filter also removes the large sized visible particles from water. The Pre-carbon filter eliminates chlorine, organic compounds, color, odor and floating particles. There is a Reverse Osmosis membrane which is capable of removing the heavy metals. The post carbon filter eliminates objectionable taste and odor, and restores the natural quality of pure drinking water. The affordable techniques of this water purifier can effectively kill a majority of bacteria’s, viruses and other harmful disease-causing microorganisms. It also eliminates those impurities which are the main cause of gastric diseases, kidney stones, indigestion, high blood pressure, skin problems, etc. Dolphin has all the features of pure,safe,Healthy drinking water for any kind of water source.


This product is featured for a family of 2-5 people and consuming 15-25 Ltrs per day ,.It is a good proven design to suite to any place in the kitchen or passage area

Product Features


  • Most Popular and Trusted RO Water Purifier
  • Fully automatic, auto on/ auto off
  • 8 Liter capacity water storage tank with water Transparent
  • External Pre Filter for double protection and to enhance life to inline filters
  • Open able RO membrane housing that prevents scale formation
  • Even in the absence of electricity, you don’t need to worry about the availability of pure water as you will always find
  • It is a low cost of maintenance , 240V power consumption
  • Fitted with the best Membranes made in USA and Technology is USA
  • Built for Brackish, bore well water, tap water, contaminated water, chlorine mixed Water
  • Fit & Forget fully automatic no manual operation
  • Removes hardness of water, bacteria’s, viruses, chemicals, pesticides, chlorine, copper, fluoride , arsenic etc.
  • Low cost on maintenance and consumables.

Technical Specifications


No of Purification stages:

5 Stages

Purification Technology:

RO Technology

Type of Water Purifier:

Storage Type

Storage Tank Capacity:

8 Litre(s)

Flow Rate:

10 Litres/ hour

Membrane Type:

RO Membrane

Purification Capacity

15 Ltrs P/H

Max. Duty Cycle

50-80 Ltrs Per Day

Filter Catridges

Sediment filter ,Carbon Filter

Min. Inlet Water pressure

0.3 KG/cm2

Input Voltage

160-300 V AC(50HZ)

Operating Voltage

24 V DC

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